Darlene Egelhoff
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503 6th St, Suite 5, Crested Butte 81224

Empowering people to live happy, healthy lives. Helping you attain and maintain your ideal state of wellness by bringing together hope, health, and healing.

Mission Statement

Ascent Counseling provides a holistic, supportive, integrative approach to mental health utilizing Somatic Therapy, a body-centered therapy that involves present-moment awareness exploring bodily tension, gestures, and bodily sensations through a combination of awareness, dialogue, breathing, and movement. Through connecting and listening to the messages carried in the body, clients are guided to choices that support their moving with more awareness, connectedness, and healthier perspectives in their lives. Somatic healing is holistic, going beyond traditional talk therapy, to connect heart, mind, body and soul. We look to the body as a wise resource, ally, and guide. Our bodies hold a lot of wisdom that we can talk ourselves out of in our cognitive mind. I incorporate somatic awareness and movement to include the wisdom of the body as the therapeutic process. Clients will always have choice and I’ll always check in with them as to what feels helpful, what they’re noticing, and encourage asking questions at any moment. I’m also trained in and incorporate many other modalities but view everything from a holistic, body-centered lens to help you attain and maintain your ideal state of wellness through compassionate, comprehensive, seamlessly integrated mental health services.

As a licensed counselor, Somatic therapist, EMDR therapist, and mental health nutrition therapist in Crested Butte, CO, Darlene Egelhoff specializes in the treatment of trauma as well as amino acid therapy  and integrative Nutrition for the treatment of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, aggression, low motivation, low energy, chronic fatigue, insomnia drug and alcohol addiction, food addiction, overeating, hypoglycemia, and many other issues such as, poor memory, obsessive thoughts, compulsion, mood swings, PMS, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.

Ascent Counseling provides empathetic care, support, and encouragement focusing on personal growth, health, wellness, self-discovery, igniting passions, happiness, faith, and the importance of a healthy self-identity to improve relationships and life success in a warm and safe therapeutic environment.